What we do

Effective procurement is a complex activity, which needs the devotion of expertise, time and resources to deliver value through to your bottom line. Procurement should not just tick a ‘compliance’ box. Instead, it should be ready to fulfil a strategically important role in the business.

There is no short, definitive list of considerations that ought to be included within your procurement strategy. Priorities change over time and strategies must be reviewed and revised to reflect changes in circumstance and focus. So what you choose to consider will be particular to you. You may need to review how you make procurement decisions and who is authorised to make those commitments; how to maximise value through the use of competitive tendering and contracts; your processes for dealing with suppliers – or wider issues such as compliance, corporate & social responsibility, too.

Whatever your priorities, CORRSTE can help you develop measurable targets that define success. Our expertise spans large scale procurement engagements, providing organisations in both the private and public sectors with the necessary business intelligence to apply knowledge-based decision making to the purchasing process.

We review, develop, design and implement key category spend and procurement strategies for our clients. Our non-emotional and auditable processes deliver real savings and will stand up to any level of scrutiny. So whether you have a procurement approach that needs reviewing and improving, or have nothing formalised to date, we can support you with best practice guidance and advice.